February 27, 2012

Howl like the wind

The Sunday Doggie Brunch gathered at Judy's house yesterday with all dogs present. It had been a while because Ticker was undergoing heart worm treatment. So no rough housing for a couple weeks.
So, there we were, pig liver from the conchinita pibil mushed and doled out in three dog food dishes and the topping to their breakfasts.
And then Judy said she and Ticker had a surprise. "We are going to sing Home on the Range."
And with that, Judy let out a long, really long, low howl. And Ticker joined her soon.
Now, I didn't recognize it as Home on the Range. But then, I am sort of tone deaf. Ticker was no Mishka the singing and talking dog.
My mother, who had an operatic voice, trained my childhood dog Laura to sing opera while I was in college. So, why not?
There we were in the privacy of my bedroom last night when I started to howl. I tried to get Punta interested. She was. She thought I was sick and poked me with her nose.
We will try again tonight. But I think my baby dog was not blessed with musical skills!

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