January 13, 2011

Wet and Raw

Pulling away from the Ultramar ferry in Juerto Juarez yesterday, I knew it was going to be a different kind of Cancun day for me. It was. Wet and raw. And really, it's the same on this side of the bay, too.
Frente Frio 20. Day 2 of the Norte, the Nor'easter, which is the 20th cold front since hurricane season.
Maybe they should have gone ahead and built that wall. It might have kept the cold fronts up north where they belong!


Drgeo said...

One stitch, really? Could this be your big chance to replace your belly button with a tattoo of a belly button? Glad you have a space heater to keep Punta warm.

IslaZina said...

No, I now have a full fledged innie! Suitable for piercing and a tattoo around it, if I were so 1nclined...and built that way!