January 3, 2011

The surgeon

This is the man I am entrusting with my belly button and the fist-sized hernia surrounding it. Dr. Jose Manuel Mendozo Cabrera, aka Jose Manuel to radiology at Hospital Americano, has been a doctor since his mid-20s, but only recently accredited as a general surgeon.
Along the way, he was a gastroenterologist with endoscopy and is now a general surgeon certified to perform laproscoptic surgery. He is a year older than me (I like that in a doctor!) at age 57.
I met with him again today and I fessed up that the Z-Pack prescribed by Dr. Yupit did little to clear up my sinus issues. He said it's best to wait until it clears up.
But after thinking it over, he prescribed Cipro and agreed it best to move forward so I an recover my strength in time for the next wave of hostessing at Zina's Guest House.
So, I meet Carlos Telliz, my cabbie and friend, on "the other side" at 7am Thursday and check into CAMA, an anacronym that spells the word 'bed' but means Centro Ambulante etc., an outpatient surgical center with all the life support one might need.
I don't believe the doctor speaks English, but I could be wrong. Someone over the weekend was appalled that I would go to a Spanish speaking doctor. Why? I speak Spanish and there are excellent doctors here for the residents. So why discriminate?

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KfromMichigan said...

There are some good doctors in Cancun. One took good care of my Mother after she fell and busted her elbow. A different doctor took care of my girlfriend after a snorkling accident. Most people in the US think doctors there are not as educated .. WRONG!