January 29, 2011

These feets are made for spa-ing!

I've known Ursula for years. She was a manager at Color de Verano when they had the best cafe in town, now turned into more rental suites.
She works for Ana Marie Cote at The Spa at Rocomar now. And Wednesday was my
day to take these weary feet in for an overhaul.
After a once over and soaking, a wrap with the plastic film to get the calves ready for the later massage.

My mind drifted to the sea and occasionally my camera. These were my "Kodak moments."
Ursula was meticulous and gentle. I relaxed into the surroundings and drank herbal tea.

An hour and a half later, it was over. My feet were smooth and a long lasting finish was applied to the Opi color of my choice! The Spa is full service and Ana Marie has studied air brush make up in LA to complete a full look for bridal portraits. Her staff can handle the whole wedding party as well. Appointments at 877 0016.


Moongrl722 said...

I recognize her from Color de Verano. She's a beautiful lady. I'm going to get my toes and fingers 'did' manana for my Isla trip. LOVE to be pampered!

Anonymous said...

My friend went over to be "worked on" by these two lovely gals. We stay at Roca Mar. so it is very convenient! Anyway, about two and a half hours later, she came back, toes looking "in the pink" all smiles, relaxed and happy. They had given her "the works" with massage of the lower leg and feet, buffing, scrubbing, wine, wrapping, polishing, etc. I think it was only like $30 and she tipped them $10...not bad at all!