October 4, 2010

Saving another 50 pesos

Sue got me to thinking how thrifty all of us get when around here when she wrote her blog entry titled 50 Pesos.
We all live this way on the island. I referred to it the other day in the next blog entry, while I was sitting still and not spending money as I thought about my high school wave mate, JoAnne Coyle Fox. I've Tweeted about spending a day at a friend's pool with not 50 pesos between us and how well we ate.
So, along those lines, I offer a way to stretch an 18 peso can of dog food (and some kibble to spread around) into 10 days worth of of high quality dog food that Punta dog loves. Yours may too.
Put just under a pound of brown rice (arroz integral) and a similar quantity of black beans in a dutch oven. Cover with a lot water. Add 12 pesos of chicken livers (more than a pound) when the grain and bean start to get tender. Or, as is the case today, when there are no chicken livers to be had, add a can of Juicy Pedigree puppy food. Mince in some chaya leaves and cook until it is one. I have used freezer burned green beans before. You can also add in a half cup of kibble for flavor and vitamins. This yields a full dutch oven of dog food, one that the finicky Punta loves. About 12 servings at a cost of 30 pesos. Even if your dog normally eats dry kibble, this is a savings of 50 pesos! Oh, go on. throw in 3 salmon oil capsules. Tastes fishy, that Omega 3!
To enrich the flavor and not waste anything, I have occasionally added water from my canned tuna, left over tacos, a wilted carrot...whatever moves me while I clean up the fridge. It is a balanced dog food! And talk about saving, jack, Bill!

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