October 6, 2010

My name is Punta

I am 11 months old now and just full of it. This blog is all about me. I demand it.
Actually, who needs to be demanding around my owner? She is a soft touch for dogs. The way I get all wound up in public, people might think she doesn't educate me. Let me tell you: At night, when the doors are locked and we are alone, she tortures me. Sit. Up. Down. Sit. Shake. Down. Up. Sit. And if I try to move away, Come! Ven, pronounced Ben because we are in Mexico.
Ben Punta is what I hear when I am in the yard ready to dig something up. Like mommie's got radar vision. Ben Punta!
Yesterday morning, Ben Punta meant we were going to get money at 7-Eleven. I like that clerk and he likes me. Right away while mommie was at the money machine, I spotted a guy I didn't like and I barked. The clerk knows to pay attention to what that person does because not everyone at all makes me bark. After mommie got her money, we rode around the island. I like to sit up straight so I can smell it all. But if I sense we are coming up on another dog, I lean in to mommie, just to make sure it's understood: I have a person!
So we came home and mommie wanted to nap because she had taken her shot at night. So I got into my bed in the closet and snoozed myself. When we got up, mommie made sure I drank water. Oh boy, that means we go!
First, we went to Chuuk Kay, Ventura's new bar on the bay where yachts pull up and the ground is beach sand. Marla was having a little get together with Katie and friends. Oh, I loved it. I sat with mommie and Gladys and pulled dead leaves off a palm. Then I wandered away and mommie wasn't worried, but a waiter came after me because you never know if someone will hurt a dog in Mexico.
Then we were off! We stopped by the dog groomer for a tick shot. He said I was handsome, that I could soon be a pony. Does that mean I'll see more kids?
Then we went to Miguel's Moonlite because mommie wanted to get a bottle of La Pinta to take to Ohio. Miguel was very nice. Mommie took that money she was saving and got us a dinner! I had rice and beans with shredded tortilla and a diced coconut shrimp. Mommmie ate the rest of the coconut shrimp. Really, one was enough for me!
And then we were off. Looking to see if Blanca was open for a mommie haircut, stopping at Susa for bleach for pets. No really, it's great. If I have an accident, hardly ever any more, then this stuff in the water makes the dirt foam until there is no odor. Cloralex para Mascotas is what she told the clerk to look for. I am a dog. I can't go into a big store like that. So we got it and mommie tipped the man 20 pesos. What? Everyone is hungry now, Punta.
We ate at Miguel's so that Miguel, the cook and the fisherman could also eat. Understand? And wasn't it yummy for us?
Then mommie got on the phone and called Blanca's husband about a haircut tonight. She says this time, I can't go. Oh well. I am, after all, a dog. Ha!


Anonymous said...

WAAAAY cute!!

Carol in Michigan

Vee said...

Enjoyed this post, Z. Hope you have a good trip!

lagovistajenn said...

Loved this post Zina! I can't wait to meet her. Still hoping we will be there for New Years. Tyler broke his hand playing baseball and will have surgery tomorrow. A few pins and a cast for 5 weeks. No fun. Miss you.