June 16, 2011


Joe Peters, of Fort Worth, and I have at least one thing in common. We are thrifty as in cheap. So, when he was on Isla Mujeres a couple weeks ago, we made a lunch date. The first plan was to go to Velasquez, the family fish house, for whole fishes.
Then I surveyed the scene at Posada del Mar, where Joe was staying, and decided to do what we could to stave off layoffs. No one can operate for long with a near empty house and not make deep cuts. So we ate there. Thrifty.
We each got a small 80 peso shrimp cocktail and split a club sandwich and fries (55 pesos). We had a fabulous lunch, a great time with Romy at the bar, and spent a wee bit more than we planned. But look at the table! We were stuffed!
Joe was happy because he was within budget, only to be blown later in a trip to Mango Cafe! Ahh, the life!


jackie said...

With the ATMs dispensing mostly $200 and $500 peso bills it makes it difficult to have change for a cheap meal. Ralph always said that you could go to Mirtita's and buy a stick of gum with a $500 bill. I found that to be almost true. Since it is so close to my apartment I often go to Mirtitas to buy a couple of things and try to pay with the biggest bill I have.

Jackie said...

Oops! This should have been on the previous post.