June 23, 2011

Isla Snake!

Lookie what Punta found on her morning walk. A dead snake! For as long as I remember, there was denial that Isla Mujeres has snakes. Then, a year or two ago, there was alarm when a boa constrictor "large enough to kill a child" was hunted down in the swamp that was next do the new hospital construction.
This morning, almost across the street, near Haciena Mundaca, Punta found this one, a victim of a vehicular accident. Not being up on my snakes, I asked some Maya workers if it was poisonous. No, it's a boa! Oh, OK.


lagovistajenn said...

Looks like it just had something to eat. On one of my trips to Contoy with Tony I saw a boa strangle a crow then eat it. Craziest thing I have EVER seen!!!

IslaZina said...

Now, two days after its death, there is still a swarm of insects over where it laid. The snake is long gone. Odd.