May 27, 2011

See you, in September!

Robert Martinez and Katie Barrett have been here for a week of diving with Enrique's Unique Dives, watching turtles mate underwater, grooving on neighborhood life that's a bit like Robert's grandparents experienced.
This afternoon, they return to Austin and work on Tuesday. So, while we were enjoying the afterglow of our morning smoothies, Robert took an opportunity to tell Punta they'd be back for Labor Day weekend to dive again and spoil her.
She gobbbled it it. She's a slut puppy that way. Anything to get her feet off the floor!

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kateyb said...

hi miss zina! robert and i are back to work today and missing you, punta and isla VERY much :( ill be sending you our blog once we update it and also sending you the highest of ratings for your guest house! we had an amazing time and will definitely be back. soon. xoxox