May 20, 2011

Low blog season

Becky of Bedford in Bedfordshire, England, just left, so I thought I'd write a blog post. For our readers out there, I hope it breaks the dry spell that my area bloggers are experiencing!
Becky has been on the road for nearly a year and just recently joined the program at
I have had several couch surfers here on the property and thoroughly enjoyed them. Basically. you sign up for the program and CouchSurfers conducts a little background check. All your correspondence with prospective surfers is in secret on the CouchSurfers server, so a record is kept by the organization.
Couch surfers are not impoverished backpackers, but people who want to learn about where you live, about your neighbors and region.
They cook for you and themselves, they wash dishes, make their own beds and change sheets for themselves.
Why would I have these freeloaders around, you ask. Well, they are not freeloaders. Some have picked up all the tabs when I've shown them where the good eateries are. Becky bonded with Punta and walked her a good bit.
Becky took a bed instead of a couch because it had been made up a while and would need changing for paying guests. Dust, salt air and the humidity don't really keep the linens fresh. So it's not a loss. And amazingly, couch surfers don't run up you electric bill by using AC. They are considerate that way.
Becky took me out to eat at Bastos Grill yesterday after staying here a few days. A bad sore throat kept her here longer than planned. When she left, she changed her bed and cleaned up the room. It's ready to rent!
I know of one other person on Isla Mujeres accepting couch surfers. He takes them a few times a year. We're shared notes and you can have the Argentinian artistic dancers, I said to him!
One recent couch server brought me Stevia and quinoa, things we cannot get here. And were it not for another, a German, I wouldn't have had a Lindt chocolate bunnie and eggs for Easter!
I am about done for now since the summer tourists are arriving. Becky helped Carmen and me get the upstairs apartment outfitted for the coming week. And I might blog sooner now that I started moving my fingers across the keyboard!

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