February 21, 2011

Rapid growth

Chuuk Kay Restaurante has grown before my eyes in its 8 or 9 months. It is far beyond its wooden decks with palapa roofs and onto the Playa Norte type of sand that was hauled in. More chairs, more umbrellas, a couple more palapa "private" rooms. It is definately a venue with enough staff to wait on the crews of the yachts that pull up. On weekends, the Band Without a Name plays from 3-5 or 6. So those of us who can't wait up for them to play at Fayne's at 1o:30pm, get to hear them while we are still awake. And the food! Well, you'll just have to try it. And the bathrooms? Your wish is their command. Toilets and faucets do all the thinking for you. Hey, that is a big deal here!

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