February 17, 2011

My Mexican Big Mac

A sometime reward for a good, hard day in Cancun is a Big Mac to go from the Ultramar dock in Puerto Juarez. Blasphemy, you say. Ha!
Look at the box. The burger was made especially for me. It's not a joke. I watched the seniorita do it. See, in Mexico, fast food is not so fast. It is made to order. And taken to go to eat on the ferry.
It has never seen a heat lamp! It is luscious. And to kick the Special Sauce up a notch, envelopes of jalapeno relish are provided. It is a great reward at the end of four hard hours in Cancun. Delicious! Curiously, the box is made in Costa Rica

1 comment:

Life's a Beach! said...

That looks pretty damn good right now. I haven't had a Big Mac in years!