August 1, 2012

Rotting little kids

As long as I have started a tangent, I'll add the behavior of kids and their parents. I am in a remote outpost of the world, but I read. I would never feed a toddler candy and be cautious with older kids.
 On my way to Ohio, a woman was feeding her two toddlers Skittles and while visibly pregnant,  wolfing then down herself.
 I have house guests who call this a First World problem. It's something education seems not be be impacting in the least. Here in the Third World, sugar is subsidized and parents give it freely, too, because obesity is considered a sign of prosperity. And the road to early Type 2 diabetes.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you're a real cheery spokesperson for "Life In Mexico".

Can't wait to find another place to go.

Time to drop the cranky demeanor.

Anonymous said...

she is that way i agree. life is real short, and can be sweet enjoy it .

Anonymous said...

Yep. Extra sugar isn't necessary and is harmful. Z.

Anonymous said...

I believe Zina is correct. We feed our children far too many process foods and than wonder why there are so many food allergies and "new" illness that our parents never had. Besides the sugar issue, a toddler should NEVER be given Skittles, has anyone ever seen a 2 year old choke? Not pretty.

texusrhed said...

Agree 100% with you Zina! It seems like parents today are so quick to give their kids the sugar snacks at breakneck speed. It's more available than it's ever been and it has gotten so cheap so it's easy to give kids what they want to shut them up. Once the body gets used to the fix at that young of an age, obesity almost becomes a self fullfilling prophecy of sorts.

IslaZina said...

Notice I didn't say rotten. I said rotting.