December 14, 2011

All new designs!

The Women's Beading Co-Op on Isla Mujeres has all new designs. They are striking! Bellaruth Naperstak made mention of this in her blog recently. That was posted on Karen Rosenberg's Facebook page recently.
Today, I took Deborah Klausner, who teaches social work at Georgia State University, to the co-op after dropping off her 12 year old daughter Sydnee to volunteer at Isla Animals.
I was struck by the designs!

In addition to being all new, the prices have moderated. I got a set of earrings with matching necklace and bracelet for 200 pesos, about $15US at today's exchange rate.
The co-op is sponsored by social workers from Cleveland who hold pre-holiday sales among their friends and co-workers and University Hospitals and the Cleveland Clinic. They do a lot more as well to help the women educate their children. There are currently 47 members but not all are grown women. On Saturdays, the girls in the co-op also come to the shop and bead along side the adults.
The co-op is across the street from the Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church in La Gloria on is marked on the Isla Mujeres Can-Do map made by Laura McFarlin, also known as the Map Chick. Buy a Map Chick Map by clicking here.


IslaZina said...

A women's retreat here on Isla Mujeres will also provide more help to the "Bead Ladies" and is organized by the same Clevelanders.

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