December 6, 2010

Hearing aids trauma

There is a liquidator in South Dakota that has one pair of Widex Senso Diva estate hearing aids that are identical to the pair of which I lost one. No, he's not budging from the $1500 asking price! His client's estate paid more than double that. Of course, that was three years ago!
So, I have been playing with others and truthfully, the ear piece variety is not so great here. The shape of my ears, "curvy" is how the audiologist described them, make the piece fit tight and gives me an earache after a time.
So I have been carefully looking at eBay sales. And researching. I like this approach, cheaper yet on eBay. The little ear bud, retractable by the wire, is the kind Bev Caldarelli had just gotten when I was in Malvern. So...stay tuned. Bidding ends tomorrow! Boomers, listen up. You are going to need them soon, too!
And the spare I'll have...goes to Blackie, my Mexican neighbor and sport fisherman guide. He was helped by the cheapie one I brought back in October, just to see if he could ever hear again after not hearing from the left ear for 20 years after a lobster dive near Contoy Island. We'll help him get it calibrated with a new ear mold in Cancun.


drgeo said...

Mi esposa has owned these hearing aids for 2 weeks and thinks they are great:

They just came out with a new improved version of the self adjusting software, so they aren't likely to appear on eBay for some time. $2200 each.

drgeo said...

That's odd, the link was truncated on my previous post. They are Phonak Audéo SMART.

IslaZina said...

Widex, Phonak and Oticon are all awesome and believe it or not, all are on eBay!